Belle of the Contra Dance (Canterbury Country Dance Orchestra)


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Holly Berry, Planxty Fanny Power, La Grondeuse II, Sir Roger de Coverly / Drops of Brandy, Lindbergh’s Crate / Green Cockade, Jenny’s Bawbee / Kafoozallum, Piper’s Lass / Lamplighter’s Hornpipe, Rye Waltz, Lady Walpole’s Reel, Caber Feigh, Gobby O’, Rope Waltz, Constitution Hornpipe, McQuillen’s Squeezebox, Pigtown Fling / Peter Street, Saddle the Pony, Gentle Maiden, Dorset Four Hand Reel, Larry O’Gaff, Balkan Hills Schottische, Belle of the Contra Dance


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