Ben Koopmanschap


Balkan dance
Videos and music (virtual downloads)
Air date January 2, 2021

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Two packages from Ben Koopmanschap’s From Croatia to Albania online dance workshop

After payment is received, a confirmation email will be sent with a link to download the materials. The license provided to you is limited to your personal use. By using the link, you agree not to share them with anyone else. 

Dances included:

  1. Grad Se Beli reduced tempo
  2. Grad se Beli
  3. Švrćino Kolo – shortened version
  4. Švrćino Kolo – long version
  5. Trenino Oro
  6. Tankosava
  7. Splet Pesama Iz Istocne Srbije
  8. Sheet with Lyrics & Translation

About Ben

Ben Koopmanschap has been researching and teaching dance from the Balkans for many years in the Netherlands and all over the world. He taught at FAC’s Oktoberfest in 2015.


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