Wijnand Karel


Macedonian and Dutch Dance
Music and syllabi (virtual download)
Air date March 6, 2021

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A set of syllabi and music files from Wijnand Karel’s online Macedonian and Dutch dance workshop from March 6, 2021.

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Dances included:

North Macedonian (FYROM):
    1. Ɖukleško Oro (West Macedonian style)
    2. Što Imala K’smet Stamena (East Macedonian style)
    3. Dračevsko Žensko Oro (Skopje region)
    4. Oroto Počna (Skopje region)
The Netherlands:
    1. Mazurka Voor Een Mus (line dance)

About Wijnand

Wijnand Karel graduated from the Rotterdam Dance Academy. After graduating, he danced in the Folkloric Dance Theatre in Amsterdam. Wijnand teaches at the Nova College Haarlem, and the Dospovo dance group in Utrecht as well. He is also the artistic director of Folklor Dansemble Amersfoort.


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