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video package from June Camp 2021

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Music and syllabi for these dances are also available.

air dates June 4-5, 2021


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A set of videos for eight dances, featuring both teaching and just dancing, from Lee’s June 4-5, 2021 “Pandemic Dance” workshops on as part of the online June Camp 2021 program.

Interested in more of his materials? Here is a link to Lee’s July 2020 workshop packages.

Dances included:

1 dance to Bulgarian music

  • Grada se Gradi – a graceful women’s dance in a rachenitsa rhythm (3-2-2); debuted at June Camp 2021

3 dances to Macedonian music

  • Gradel Ilija Manastir – a mixed dance; debuted at June Camp 2021
  • Domot Moj – a powerful men’s dance in a 2-2-1-2 rhythm; presented at Folk Arts Center’s July 2020 workshop
  • Kraj Manastirot – a women’s dance in a 3-2-2 rhythm; presented at Folk Arts Center’s July 2020 workshop

2 dances to Greek music

  • Charoumeni Mykonos – a joyous fast dance with music composed by Lee; debuted at June Camp 2021
  • S’ Agapo – a Hassapiko-style dance done to a song which means “I Love You;” presented at the 2021 Laguna/San Antonio Spring Festival

1 dance to Russian music

  • Vitaya Beryoza – a women’s dance using typical Russian steps and movement, that gets faster and faster as it progresses; debuted at June Camp 2021

1 dance to Norwegian music

  • Norwegian Lament – a couple mixer based loosely on a “pols” step, to music Lee composed which expresses both his feelings toward Norway (where he lived for 27 years) and his sorrow over the ravages of the pandemic; debuted at June Camp 2021

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